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Current version: [1.0.5] - 14.06.2021

Backward compatibility

Breaking changes will be avoided in the API, however API can evolve in a backward compatible way in the future.

Examples of breaking changes which will be avoided

  • Renaming an attribute
  • Changing an attribute's type
  • Removing an attribute
  • Removing event type (for example, ‘routed’)

Examples of backward compatible changes which might happen

  • Adding new event type with a new set of attributes
  • Adding new attributes to existing event types

The client systems consuming the API should be prepared for the listed backward compatible changes and handle adding new attributes and event types gracefully: a sensible implementation might be to ignore such additional attributes and event types and not be too strict about asserting which exact set of attributes is included into an event.

Filtering events

Filtering out certain event types is the responsibility of the client system which connects to Order Events API.


  • [1.0.5] - 14.06.2021 - added "customer_billing_address" attribute for "fulfilled" and "returned" events
  • [1.0.4] - 11.02.2021 - fix "article_number" bug when it contained "zalando_article_number" rather than the value of the "article_number" column provided in the FCI feed, add a new "zalando_article_number" attribute
  • [1.0.3] - 04.01.2021 - added "Delivery failed" return reason for "returned" events as return code 10
  • [1.0.2] - 07.10.2020 - added "return_reason_code" attribute in "item" object for "returned" events
  • [1.0.1] - 05.10.2020 - added "delivery_details" attribute for "fulfilled" and "returned" events
  • [1.0.0] - 10.06.2020