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Getting started

Q&A session

Feel free to attend our Q&A (Question and Answer) sessions every week on Wednesday with our Key Account Managers (KAMs) to answer your business related questions. For any assistance related to the technical integration, you can join the sessions with our Engineering team from Helsinki every Thursday. Please reach out to your Key Account Manager for more information.

Stock Update File Specifications

The stock file sent from the stores have certain requirements and they are listed in the following sections.



The only allowed encodings are UTF-8 / UTF-8-SIG and UTF-16.

What is encoding?


Comma Seperated Value (CSV)

The only allowed stock update file format is CSV and:

  • Must use semi-colons (;) as field separator.
  • Each row must contain both the price and the stock for a given article, even if only the stock or only the price has been changed. There is no wildcard that can be used to ignore either of the fields and it is not possible to skip or provide an empty value for individual rows.
  • CHAR-formatted fields need to be enclosed by double quotes in the CSV-file

File size

10 MB size limit

Please note that the size of a single stock file MUST NOT exceed 10485760 bytes (10 MB). If the stock file is bigger, it must be split in separate CSV files. The file names should be unique, e.g. 20201202T1130-store1.csv, 20201202T1230-store2.csv

Stock update columns

Column Data Type Examples Mandatory Definition
store Number 501 Yes Store identifier that represents a unique store in your network and this information will NOT be shown on Connected Retail tool.
ean Number 0075678164125 Yes EAN of the article. Unique per store in the file, otherwise such articles are dropped and not handled. We also accept Universal Product Code(UPC).
price Decimal Number 131.95 Yes Current selling price of an article, use dot . as a decimal separator, e.g: 10.54.
retail_price Decimal Number 329.95 Yes Retail price of an article (RRP) is the original price of the article before applying any discount. The retail_price is used for calculating the discount (discount = retail_price - price ) on an article during marketing campaigns. When the retail_price has the same value as price for an article, that article is not considered for marketing campaigns. Use dot . as a decimal separator, e.g: 10.54
quantity Integer 3 Yes Number of articles available at the store and this information will NOT be shown on Connected Retail tool.
article_number Char(50) 888825720010340, 18751-060-234 No Unique article number (SKU) that the client uses to identify a specific EAN / article (unique per store in the file, otherwise such articles are dropped and not handled). Highly recommended field as this helps stores to identify the article.
product_number Char(50) 88882572, 18751-060 No Unique product number that the client uses to identify a specific product. If you send both article number and product number, product number will be shown as style number on CR Tool.
product_name Char(255) Superstar Track Jacket, Converse Sneaker No Product name, highly recommended field as this helps stores to identify the product, if sent else Zalando's product name is used.
article_color Char(255) White No Article color, if sent else Zalando's article color is used.
article_size Char(255) S, 32 No Article size, if sent else Zalando's article size is used.
store_article_location Char(255) 3rd Floor, 201 No The article location helps the store clerks to locate the article within the store.

Sample stock file

100;5704498811166;99.95;99.95;10;"TOB21N00G";"Jeans Skinny Fit";"TOB21N00G-K11";"niceville mid";"24x30";"301"
101;4061749183108;169.95;199.95;2;"272762";"ZAIDA TURTLENECK - Strickpullover - nou...";"4060606039817";"Blue";"M";"1st floor"

Sample on Connected Retail Tool

The image below shows how it will appear on Connected Retail Store Tool.

Sample CRT

Stock Update Requirements


  • For fastest possible stock updates, separate stock files for each store are recommended.
  • Client should provide hourly stock-price updates.
  • Client should send both price and stock information in the same update file and send all changes (including stock out) as Fashion Connector Importer does not keep track on orders and relies on partner provided stock information as only truth.
  • Fashion Connector Importer does not automatically create articles to Partner Provider - stock and price updates for them will be ignored.
  • Fashion Connector Importer will always use the latest update file provided, so in case of system failures a new file will reset stocks and prices to Partner Provider.
  • Fashion Connector Importer removes automatically stock which has not been received since more than 24 hours