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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the difference between price and retail_price?"

A store may have two prices, retail price and price. retail_price is the original price of the article. When there is a sale or discount, the store might sell an article for lower price than original price. This new reduced price is price in Connected Retail. You can leave the retail_price and price same if there is no reduction in price.


price cannot be higher than retail_price.

Sample Zalando

2. What is store_article_location? How can I use it?

The store_article_locationidentifies an article location within the store. This can be an identifer used within the store or a floor number or a location number. For example, 3rd floor, 302, B2 section 3, etc.

The store_article_location is shown on the Connected Retail tool as below.

CR tool location

The store_article_location is shown on the pick-list as below.

Picklist location

3. How does an article appear on Zalando platform?

The image below shows how an article appears on Zalando platform and the data used from different sources.

Article on Zalando

Please note that if you do not send the product_name, article_number, article_color and article_size then we retrieve this info from Zalando to show in the Connected Retail tool. In this case, the terms like product name, article number, article color and article size visible in the tool might NOT be familiar to the store staff.

Sample Zalando

4. What is stock reservation and how does it work?

Stock reservation example

Let’s imagine you are a store with an article A (e.g. white shirt) and it has a stock of 1 (quantity). Whenever you receive an order for the white shirt, we will reduce the white shirt stock by 1 (making it 0 until the order is complete). After you complete the order and when you send a new stock feed updating the stock of the white shirt, we will update the system with new stock (for the white shirt).

To avoid double orders on an article, from the time the order is received for an article until the time the order is complete we will deduct the stock by the quantity specified in the order. Whenever the order is complete and we receive a new stock feed updating the stock, we will update the stock with new stock information.